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As a highly versatile and flexible company, we provide a wide array of services ranging from supply of exhaustible goods to construction of structures and pipelines. Below is a list of the more commonly carried out projects by LW Gastech Engineering Sdn. Bhd.. If you are unable to find the type of service you require below, it may be because such services are not as commonly sought out and are not featured on this website. Please contact us for any enquiries as we may be able to customise our services to suit each of your individual needs.

As Supplier

We supply a wide array of equipment and consumables to the oil and gas industries. Our supplies are either sourced locally or imported from overseas depending on availability of goods, urgency of order and customer preference. High quality and prompt delivery are always our prime considerations with regards to supplying items to our customers.

Gas Reticulation for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

We offer our services in the design and construction of gas piping systems, gas meters, natural gas service stations etc. The engineers on our team possess experience of considerable depth and breadth in the field of gas-related works.

Oil and Gas Instrumentation and Service

We provide services on the instrumentation of oil and/or gas systems. The equipment we utilise is are of the highest quality and great care is taken to ensure customer satisfaction. We constantly update and improve such services in synchronisation with the latest advancements in the oil and gas industries.

Natural Gas/ Liquid Petroleum Gas Reticulation

To cater for the heating needs of residential, industrial and commercial users, we provide services with regards to LPG or natural gas supply systems. We provide construction and maintenence services for all three aspects of LPG and natural gas systems, namely the storage facility, the underground piping system and the building piping system.

Steel Structure and Fabrication Works

LW Gastech Engineering Sdn. Bhd. also specialises in the construction and maintenence of steel structures and fabrication works. The scope of these services include building design and construction, burner conversion, burner and heating oven installation. The above list is non-exhaustive.

Pressure Vessel Requalification (RQ)

Pressurised gas vessels should be requalified within 10 years of manufacture and every 5 years thereafter. The basic requalification process should at least consist of a thorough exterior examination of pressure vessel, relevant fittings and connection joints. When called-upon for our requalification services, proper records will be kept and made available to the authorities.

Cold Water Plumbing

We offer installation services of cold water plumbing systems. To prevent the corrosion issues associated with galvanised pipes, we utilise flexible plastic piping for our projects whenever possible.

Mechanical and Electrical Building Maintenence

In the field of Mechanical and Electrical projects, we provide a full range of services ranging from design, costing, supply, construction to the final tests and commissioning. The valuable experience of our engineers allow us to implement a seamless solution to cater for your every project's needs.

Medical Gas (Hospital Projects)

We provide design and construction services for medical-related piping systems. Such systems include automatic changeover manifolds and related accessories, on-site storage systems etc. We are also able to supply various gases in either individual cylinders or in bulk.