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Safety Protocols

In conjunction with providing the best possible service to our customers, we also hold workplace safety in utmost regard. We implement numerous precautions to minimise hazard for both our staff and customers. Whenever a potential health or safety hazard is reported, an elaborate sequence of procedures will be immediately taken to quickly and safely neutralise the threat.

While construction site are inherently hazardous to a certain extent, we do everything in out power to ensure this hazard is minimised. In the interest of worker safety, only personnel issued with a Permit to Work by relevant authorities are permitted to carry out works in a hazardous site. Permission for work will only be issued provided that the strictest safety precautions are in place and all personnel are equipped with adequete Personal Safety Equipment.

Please find some information regarding our safety policies below.

Safety Procedural Documents

1) Safety Plan
2) Safety Procedures
3) General Safety Requirements
4) Emergency Response Procedures
5) Accident Investigation Procedures
6) Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Procedures
7) Permission to work in Hazardous Area